In this section, I write a brief summary of the different books I read over time.

Moonwalking with Einstein (PDF)

Moonwalking with Einstein is not only a book about memory but also a book that portraits the inside …

price of tomorrow pdf
The Price of Tomorrow (PDF)

The Price of Tomorrow is a book written by Jeff Booth that talks mainly about the impact of technolo…

the culture code pdf
The Culture Code (PDF)

Interesting book by Daniel Coyle about organizational culture and how successful companies use cultu…

how to take smart notes pdf
How to Take Smart Notes (PDF)

How to Take Smart Notes (PDF) by Sönke Ahrens showed the Zettelkasten system to the English-speaking…

how to get rich pdf
How to Get Rich (PDF)

How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis is one of those books that are not what they look like on the surfac…

the almanack of naval raviaknt
The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant's advice on how to get wealth, how to be happy and how to build judgement.

one up on wall street
One Up On Wall Street (PDF)

Peter Lynch is considered one of the best investors in history, and in his book "One Up On Wall Stre…