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This blog is about business analysis and how we can apply the latest research on tools for thought and learning faster to become better at understanding how companies develop and thrive in a complex world.

The main goal of this blog is to explore this new approaches to learning using not only the most effective strategies and techniques but also using this new and growing field of tools for thought, software specifically design to help in developing cognitive abilities and kills. 

I’ll be sharing science based research that actually work. Theres an exploding number of reddit communities with people experimenting whit this new tools and strategies on how to absorb better knowledge. 

Investing has been called the last Liberal Art. Charlie Munger has popularized the concept of having a load of mental models using a lattice work to understand the world from the view of different disciplines and become a world class investor. Farnam Street has also explored this topics in depth with its author even publishing a series of volumes on metal models. 

What I’am going to share here is something different, moe actionable, things you can start trying for yourself immediately to see if they work or not, if they help you in your daily routine as a fundamental investor, an equity analyst or simple an individual value investor. 

This is the notion of the investor as an athlete, the idea is to prepare your mind and help with the process of thoughts learnings things faster and connecting ideas in a different way. 

I owe gratitude to others who explore this topics further like Scott Young author of Ultralearning, Cal Newport author of Deep Work, Michael Nielsen author of the famous paper related to spaced repetition and tools for though, Andy Matchucak that also maintains a site full of interesting thoughts about how to use tools to increase cognitive function, to Phillip Techlock who wrote the book Superforecasters and many others. 

Hope this knowledge help you as well. Start here.